Saturday, July 10, 2010

She's alive! She's real! And she's fabulous!

This week I finally got to meet her! And by her, I mean my name sister Susan Patton. In my head I call her Florida Susan Patton, but I don't think she goes by that herself. Nearly everyone in my network of friends and family knew about our lunch date. Phone calls were coming in, "Is today the day?" and "Are you so excited?" were some of the questions I fielded the morning of our lunch date. You'd think I was meeting my mail order groom or Oprah by the way everyone was acting. Heck, you'd think that by the way I was acting. 'What am I wearing? Why can't I find my eyeliner? Oh man, I need to iron something.' were the pressing thoughts in my head. After all, I was meeting Florida Susan Patton for the first time. Even though we'd been emailing back and forth for months, we'd never had the opportunity to meet in person. (For anyone who would like a refresher on how our lives first intersected, read here.) Thanks to her western Pa roots + her extensive network of friends and family in this area {God bless each and every one of you, by the way} I got my chance!
Okay, so let me tell you about her because there's a lot to like.
She's the perfect mix of friendly/reserved, she's curious and sensitive, she's generous with her time and her talents, she likes to laugh, she's open to whatever you ask, she's smart and thoughtful, she's had just the right amount of life experience to make her interesting but not jaded, she loves her family and her friends, she's addicted --correction-- thoroughly enjoys all things photography-related, and she's really good at staying within two pounds of her goal weight.

You know what else I learned about her?
She likes to paint trim. And she's here until next week.
{Insert obnoxious fist pumps and a woohoo!}
What's not to like about Florida Susan Patton?


  1. There is nothing not to LOVE about the Florida Susan Patton! I hear the same is true about you, though! I have a fan club already, I am President, but Uncle Doug is Commander in Chief...she is easily my favorite person in the whole and mom aside! I am glad you got to meet her!

  2. I hear Florida Susan Patton never has a plan B. Her plan A always works. When in Rome, the Romans try to act like her. Florida Susan Patton invented the box just so she could think outside of it.

  3. I was just looking for florida susan patton's life in color (I am at work and not at my home computer) and I found your blog! Florida susan is my sister-in-law! The kid, as she calls him, is my big brother. I have heard all about you. She was so excited to meet you!!