Friday, February 26, 2010

Date night recap.

Well, the Pattons made it to dinner! We were some of the only nuts out on the road (well, us and the snow plows). The restaurant was dead, which was really great because our server was bored enough to do things like 'freshen the water glasses'. I had high hopes of getting fabulous photos of our date night...holding hands, toasting the snowy night, but the reality is, I was just too hungry. I got a few pictures, including the one of my little pink friend above. I'm not a big partaker of grown-up beverages, but people, this is a down-right happy drink. If everyone on the planet had one a day, I'm convinced there would be no evil.

These are mini crabcakes that Dave ordered as an appetizer. Poor man couldn't wait for me to figure out the right ISO and aperture on my camera (blame my pink friend) and so dug into the little guy on the end. I don't blame him. These are life changing crabcakes - the best we've ever had. Big buttery chunks of fresh crab were in these little suckers. Good stuff.

The other photos of food I just you know how hard it is to eat and snap pictures at the same time?? You'll just have to believe me when I say that the food was outstanding while the photography was not! Hmmmm....maybe we need a do-over???

It's a date!

My dear husband DP arranged for his parents to come in tonight so we could go out for dinner. As in a date. Alone. As I type, I believe I hear angels singing. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids enough to eat them whole. But a night out? With the guy I adore? Heaven. My analogy for finding the right mate is like discovering your favorite CD of music. You know you've found it when you can listen to it daily, no matter what mood you're in, you can play it in any company without worrying if it's offensive, and you never tire of it. That's DP. He's my perfect mix of music.

We are finally using a gift card to Springfield's given to us by our favorite aunt on the planet.

I can't wait to put on my girl face.
And smell like something other than dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and play-doh.

And wear jewelry
that's not made from Bendaroos.

Oh Lord, and wear completely impractical and uncomfortable shoes.
Nothing screams date night louder than that!

Happy Friday to you all! Hope it's a good one :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My little artist.

My little artist, Will @ age 6 1/2.

Creative tools.

Lost in his leprechaun book.

Explaining his work.

Taking a closer look.

Making a final adjustment.

Will, I love your creative little mind.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've never liked pink.

Today was supposed to be a special day for Sweet Sam. He was in charge of snack for his class, and with that comes the awesome responsibility of being Line Leader. When you're 3-years-old, there is no greater preschool honor than this. When Sam woke up this morning, his eyes were both a teensy bit pink. I noticed it. Big brother noticed it. But there was no oozing eye gunk or crusty stuff and he wasn't rubbing/itching/complaining. So I brushed it off, thinking it was due to an extra fun playdate + no nap yesterday and a painfully early wake-up time this morning. I even thought it could be because he emptied an entire bottle of shampoo into his bath last night and then complained that his eyes were burning when I dumped water on his head. Who knows? Anyway, off to school he went, with his Ninja Turtle backpack stuffed full of girl scout cookies and pretzels for his buddies. When the phone rang 45-minutes into the school day, I knew his glory was being cut short. Sure enough, Sweet Sam was being sent home. On top of this disappointment we had to cancel a playdate with friends Kori and Max, which we have really been looking forward to. Boo for pink. I never did like the color.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This much I know is true.

If you ever find yourself in need of a partner in a Girl Scout cookie eating contest, consider me your go-to girl. I don't generally make a habit of tooting my own horn, but in this case: honk, honk. I specialize in the consumption of large amounts of thin mints. I'm a legend in my own circle. And trust me, I roll with some big eaters. It's true, people. I'm that good.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cops. New Castle, PA episode.

We had our own version of the t.v. show COPS here today.

The day started out like this:
The husband decided to tackle some important outdoor tasks,
like scoop gunk off the garage floor.

And wash my ride.

The kids got involved too...scooping snow from the yard and piling it in the driveway.

And riding (sort of) bikes in the driveway.

I took pictures of random things like my poor landscaping

that has been repeatedly victimized by old man winter.

And sleeping trees.

After we all went inside for lunch, the following happened:
A car (driven by Bad Guy #1 and assisted by Bad Guy #2) with Michigan plates somehow ended up in our yard.

Bad Guy #1 ended up belly-down on the pavement getting cuffed. Yes. Cuffed. On a sunny day. On my street. Outside my 3-year-old's bedroom window.

Bad guy #2 got cuffed while belly-down on a cop car:

A witness showed up and told police what he saw:

Police then brought in a drug-sniffing dog (no photos available because my husband was yelling at me to stop taking pictures!). At that point, husband went outside to talk with the officers. From what an officer said, Bad Guy #1 was chasing his girlfriend with a gun then spun his car out in our yard. City cops came. Bad guy #1 had weed on him and tried to hide it under his car as he was laying on the ground being cuffed. Drug sniffing dog was called in. PA state trooper arrived. Bad guys were hauled away. Tow truck arrived on scene and removed car from our yard.

I don't like explaining to my children
that not all people in this world are well-behaved or good-intentioned.
And I don't like that crimes happen
even on sunny days
on my street
outside my baby's bedroom window.

New winter obsession.

Icicles are my new winter obsession. Remember, they're everywhere here now. I'm not alone in my ice fascination either. It's all over the news too. Granted, most of the coverage is about how to best deal with the frozen mess on rooftops and in gutters. People are worried about water damage, leakage, that kind of thing. I'm just obsessed with the shapes and sizes of these winter gems. Am I off my frozen rocker? Quite possibly. This is a picture of my neighbor's back porch from late last night. Before I went to bed, I glanced out the window and saw this impressive ice-zilla. I loved how the light was hitting it.
Temps are supposed to warm up today and the sun is actually going to shine (Western Pa shocker) so these icicles will start disappearing little by little. I'll be okay. I'm ready for a new spring clothing and grass.

Friday, February 19, 2010

From Domestic Reflections...

This was posted by Jora on her blog Domestic Reflections.
Thought I'd pass it along because it's just so it.

Thanks Jora!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Post #2. Day 2 of Lent.

I promise to not replace one addiction with another.
Just wanted to share some cool icicle shots.
Above is my neighbor's house (not where the mother of all icicles lives).
This is how life pretty much looks right now.
We live in the land of ice and snow.

The sun is shining and the icicles are especially drippy today.
This last picture I threw in just because I love kid feet. Sam decided to change into shorts and no socks today after school (by the way, my husband and mother-in-law will stroke out when they see this as they share the core belief that bare feet = instant pneumonia.)
Sigh. I'm really looking forward to summertime.

Exciting events during Lent.

Well, as two of you already know, I have decided to give up facebook during Lent. Forty days of facebook-free existence. To those of you who are not involved with the social network, and to those of you who have any self-control whatsoever, you will wonder why this is a big deal. For me, it is monumental. I once fought the idea of joining facebook. But then once I did, I was in-love! It has been a ball. I've reconnected with old friends, coworkers and distant family members, and I've connected with neighbors, friends and family who I see all the time. It's been wonderful. Too wonderful! Wonderful enough to let my laundry take over my basement. Wonderful enough to let my kids watch just a little (or a lot) more tv while I look at one more album of pictures. Wonderful enough to let mail and newspapers stack up....the list goes on! I'm an addict! So, in light of this I have decided to take a much needed break from it and plug back into the things I should be doing. Here are the highlights from Day One (yesterday). Pictured above: I found my dining room table (and yes, it needs some TLC from all the matchbox cars that have raced across it!)

I made beds.

I studied icicles.

I read a little.

I sat and listened to the clock chime.

I read some more.

And I cooked. Something from scratch (gasp). This, by the way, is the last of the blueberry bread that I made myself for my birthday on Fat Tuesday. I alone have eaten the entire thing. Don't judge me, I'm a recovering facebook addict remember?!?!?
Wish me luck! Only 38 1/2 more days to go :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter games.

This morning on the way to school, the kids and I played an intense round of 'Find the Biggest Icicle'. This is a new game in these parts...mainly because everywhere you look you can find one. These pictures were taken this morning looking out our bathroom window. Not award winners in the contest, but still impressive. I will attempt to venture into my neighbor Lynnie's yard where the mother of all icicles is living. It is crazy big.

We are expecting more snow starting tonight...I'm sure the icicle game will continue for a while too. We'll keep you posted on our latest findings. Until then, stay warm!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's the card we gave Dave for Valentine's day. The kids were jumping all over him in bed and yelling "Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy!!" How can you not love a wake-up greeting like that??