Friday, February 26, 2010

It's a date!

My dear husband DP arranged for his parents to come in tonight so we could go out for dinner. As in a date. Alone. As I type, I believe I hear angels singing. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids enough to eat them whole. But a night out? With the guy I adore? Heaven. My analogy for finding the right mate is like discovering your favorite CD of music. You know you've found it when you can listen to it daily, no matter what mood you're in, you can play it in any company without worrying if it's offensive, and you never tire of it. That's DP. He's my perfect mix of music.

We are finally using a gift card to Springfield's given to us by our favorite aunt on the planet.

I can't wait to put on my girl face.
And smell like something other than dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and play-doh.

And wear jewelry
that's not made from Bendaroos.

Oh Lord, and wear completely impractical and uncomfortable shoes.
Nothing screams date night louder than that!

Happy Friday to you all! Hope it's a good one :)


  1. My how far you've come since yesterday! I love everything about this post, the way you describe how you feel about Dave, to all the girlie girl stuff you wear so well! Enjoy your evening. If it wasn't my bowling night, I'd crash! On that note...don't worry about me, I'll pull through.

  2. I plan on surprising Laurie tonight at the bowling alley, so nerts to YOU!

    (PS, don't tell her it's my wife's birthday today or it will totally kill the mood)

  3. I love this post. You have such great story telling ability with your images. <3