Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lego card - Will, age 6.

Will and I collaborated on this lego valentine a few days ago. He made the heart with a handful of red legos, we attached Sam's 'Happy Valentine's Day' message (see previous post) to it and I snapped the picture. After Will's final approval, we printed a batch and attached them to plain white cards. In assembly-style fashion, Will sat at the table and carefully wrote his name in each of the cards, sometimes adding an extra drawing of a lego guy or two. He's so excited to give his friends something he created. I'm thrilled that he took such an interest in designing it and it so reflects him at this age.

Nice job, buddy. I love you more than you love lego building.

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  1. that's so cool! I'm really glad you came up with something soooo appropriate for him as well! The pressure was on!