Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've never liked pink.

Today was supposed to be a special day for Sweet Sam. He was in charge of snack for his class, and with that comes the awesome responsibility of being Line Leader. When you're 3-years-old, there is no greater preschool honor than this. When Sam woke up this morning, his eyes were both a teensy bit pink. I noticed it. Big brother noticed it. But there was no oozing eye gunk or crusty stuff and he wasn't rubbing/itching/complaining. So I brushed it off, thinking it was due to an extra fun playdate + no nap yesterday and a painfully early wake-up time this morning. I even thought it could be because he emptied an entire bottle of shampoo into his bath last night and then complained that his eyes were burning when I dumped water on his head. Who knows? Anyway, off to school he went, with his Ninja Turtle backpack stuffed full of girl scout cookies and pretzels for his buddies. When the phone rang 45-minutes into the school day, I knew his glory was being cut short. Sure enough, Sweet Sam was being sent home. On top of this disappointment we had to cancel a playdate with friends Kori and Max, which we have really been looking forward to. Boo for pink. I never did like the color.