Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cops. New Castle, PA episode.

We had our own version of the t.v. show COPS here today.

The day started out like this:
The husband decided to tackle some important outdoor tasks,
like scoop gunk off the garage floor.

And wash my ride.

The kids got involved too...scooping snow from the yard and piling it in the driveway.

And riding (sort of) bikes in the driveway.

I took pictures of random things like my poor landscaping

that has been repeatedly victimized by old man winter.

And sleeping trees.

After we all went inside for lunch, the following happened:
A car (driven by Bad Guy #1 and assisted by Bad Guy #2) with Michigan plates somehow ended up in our yard.

Bad Guy #1 ended up belly-down on the pavement getting cuffed. Yes. Cuffed. On a sunny day. On my street. Outside my 3-year-old's bedroom window.

Bad guy #2 got cuffed while belly-down on a cop car:

A witness showed up and told police what he saw:

Police then brought in a drug-sniffing dog (no photos available because my husband was yelling at me to stop taking pictures!). At that point, husband went outside to talk with the officers. From what an officer said, Bad Guy #1 was chasing his girlfriend with a gun then spun his car out in our yard. City cops came. Bad guy #1 had weed on him and tried to hide it under his car as he was laying on the ground being cuffed. Drug sniffing dog was called in. PA state trooper arrived. Bad guys were hauled away. Tow truck arrived on scene and removed car from our yard.

I don't like explaining to my children
that not all people in this world are well-behaved or good-intentioned.
And I don't like that crimes happen
even on sunny days
on my street
outside my baby's bedroom window.


  1. but it's good to know that the good guys were right where they needed to be...and too busy to notice the press! BTW, i love the shot of your ride!

  2. I needed that laugh! Hysterical that you got pics to back-up the story.

  3. Susan,
    What a CRAZY day?! Those guys sound like the clients I see 3x's weekly! Pheew. What a relief that bad guy #1 & #2 were busted by the good guys! How did Will & Sam react to it all?

  4. I have a picture in my mind of you hiding behind the curtains snapping away while the cops are cuffing bad guys #1 & 2. Too funny. Reminds me of another camera wielding SP shooting non-English speaking workers repairing the wrong sea wall. Glad the bad guys a well deserved ride to jail..just sorry your babies had to witness it all.

  5. I swear to GOD it's for my glaucoma! I have a prescription!!!!