Thursday, February 18, 2010

Exciting events during Lent.

Well, as two of you already know, I have decided to give up facebook during Lent. Forty days of facebook-free existence. To those of you who are not involved with the social network, and to those of you who have any self-control whatsoever, you will wonder why this is a big deal. For me, it is monumental. I once fought the idea of joining facebook. But then once I did, I was in-love! It has been a ball. I've reconnected with old friends, coworkers and distant family members, and I've connected with neighbors, friends and family who I see all the time. It's been wonderful. Too wonderful! Wonderful enough to let my laundry take over my basement. Wonderful enough to let my kids watch just a little (or a lot) more tv while I look at one more album of pictures. Wonderful enough to let mail and newspapers stack up....the list goes on! I'm an addict! So, in light of this I have decided to take a much needed break from it and plug back into the things I should be doing. Here are the highlights from Day One (yesterday). Pictured above: I found my dining room table (and yes, it needs some TLC from all the matchbox cars that have raced across it!)

I made beds.

I studied icicles.

I read a little.

I sat and listened to the clock chime.

I read some more.

And I cooked. Something from scratch (gasp). This, by the way, is the last of the blueberry bread that I made myself for my birthday on Fat Tuesday. I alone have eaten the entire thing. Don't judge me, I'm a recovering facebook addict remember?!?!?
Wish me luck! Only 38 1/2 more days to go :)