Friday, February 26, 2010

Date night recap.

Well, the Pattons made it to dinner! We were some of the only nuts out on the road (well, us and the snow plows). The restaurant was dead, which was really great because our server was bored enough to do things like 'freshen the water glasses'. I had high hopes of getting fabulous photos of our date night...holding hands, toasting the snowy night, but the reality is, I was just too hungry. I got a few pictures, including the one of my little pink friend above. I'm not a big partaker of grown-up beverages, but people, this is a down-right happy drink. If everyone on the planet had one a day, I'm convinced there would be no evil.

These are mini crabcakes that Dave ordered as an appetizer. Poor man couldn't wait for me to figure out the right ISO and aperture on my camera (blame my pink friend) and so dug into the little guy on the end. I don't blame him. These are life changing crabcakes - the best we've ever had. Big buttery chunks of fresh crab were in these little suckers. Good stuff.

The other photos of food I just you know how hard it is to eat and snap pictures at the same time?? You'll just have to believe me when I say that the food was outstanding while the photography was not! Hmmmm....maybe we need a do-over???


  1. I made the best Cosmopolitans with Agave nectar!
    Glad you had a good night!