Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello lover.

My world will never be the same after yesterday.
I am madly in love, completely head over heels,
and unable to think of much else.
Do the words 50mm lens have any meaning for you?

Would you look at the glorious blur around the gum wrappers on my couch?

The sharp focus on the eyes, the soft edges of the ears, cheeks
and chin, and the fuzzy clothing beneath?
My gosh, it looks like his little face is floating in a
dark chocolate bath (I don't want to give him any ideas though.)

I am borrowing a friend's 50mm lens at
the moment and can't get enough of it.
In fact, I'm considering running off with it.
We could start a life together,
me and Mr. 50mm Lens.

There's just one problem....
I would miss these little faces too much...


  1. I heart your lover...and your friend for letting you test drive it!

  2. Mistake, big mistake! Now you are going to spend your days pining for your new lover! (But it's a beauty isn't it?)