Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Randomness from the last 48 hours.

When I was in high school, I loved Cliff's Notes. You remember them, don't you? Those yellow & black striped paperbacks that summarized various, often lengthy, boring books so you didn't actually have to read them. I never had the patience to sit and read a book from start to know, because I was too busy looking for faces in the wallpaper design or in my food (see previous post if you need help with this odd reference).

The following is a Cliff's Notes version of the last 48 hours of my life. I don't claim to lead an exciting existence, which is why you should thank me for only posting a few random moments and not all of them.
Our newest BFF in town, Mr. Mike @ Shenango's Four Star Pizza showed my kids how to toss pizza dough while we waited for our order. After a 5-second tutorial (which went something like this: 'Okay, boys, make a fist and catch!'), Mr. Mike had Will and Sam tossing and catching dough across the kitchen. Will even managed to land one on his head...although I'm pretty sure this isn't the way most pizzas are made. Here he is with the dough hat he later wore home. (Sam refused to be in the picture or wear dough on his head because it smelled funny.)
We enjoyed visiting with a former neighbor (Mrs. P) who was in town for the afternoon. She's a rock star in these parts because of her homemade cookies. Mrs. P's daughter Judy and son-in-law Tom were also visiting. They're the kind of people you'd love to kidnap and keep in your family forever. Just good, good people. Judy, if you read this, thanks again for everything. We had a ball with you.

Sam found my razor and tried to shave his face 'just like Daddy does.' This is pretty much what Daddy looks like after he shaves too.

Will got a new pair of wellies. What is it about a kid in rubber boots that I love so much???

Pansies are in at the greenhouse!!! Hallelujah, spring is here!!! This is Grandma Louann holding a basket she just planted. I loved the little pink daisies that were in the center of all the pansies...can't remember the name of them, I just know that I smiled when I saw them. That was right before I snatched the basket out of L's arm and tore out of the parking lot.


Parting is such sweet sorrow. I finally gave Mr. Perfect, the above lens, back to his rightful owner, my old friend and new camera buddy, Adam. I tried desperately to convince Adam that I had eloped with his lens and we were very happy in our new life together, but I just don't think he bought it. Sigh. I shall set out in search of my own dear lens now, as I can no longer live without one. (Thank you, Adam, for opening my eyes to the wonders of the 50mm lens. I have so enjoyed my time with it. I'm glad you're my camera buddy too.)

Okay, you still with me? Bueller? Bueller?

I never promised you a joy ride with this post. If you're still reading this, wishing you could somehow get back the time you just lost, well, I'm sorry. That's your own fault. You should've known better than to read anything that began with the word Randomness!!!

Now go find some of your own randomness and have a wonderful time doing it :)


  1. Well, at least you apologized!!! ;)

  2. I don't want to find my own randomness. I like yours better. Love you!

  3. Loved the shot and the story of Sam and the razor. Such a boy! I too like your randomness much better than my own.