Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesdays with Kori.

We had the pleasure of visiting with friends Kori and Max today (last week's play date was canceled due to Sam's evil and untimely pink eye). Mr. Max, formerly known as Baby Max to our family, is upright and on the go these days, which is so different from our last visit with him. Some of you (or maybe only my mom) may remember the pictures I got of Max and the Colangelo family back in the late fall at McConnell's Mill and nearby Cheeseman's Farm. Max was crawling then, but not anymore!!! He's got his land legs now and can cover some serious territory in a short amount of time! The following are some cute pictures I took of him today. I just love the expression in his eyes, the eyelashes, his chubby little cheeks, and that smile. Oh, that smile. Parents Kori & Dave, you better look. Out. This kid's going to make some heads turn.

Kori and Max, thanks for the visit today. You are truly a bright spot in our lives.


  1. Susan! I LOVE Tuesdays with Kori (..and Max...and Susan and the gang!)
    ha! I cracked up reading that post!

    Soo fun hanging out today and I'm LOVING these photo's of Baby Max, who's not a baby anymore!


  2. Gorgeous little man! I can't believe how he's grown! Great shots Sue, love the cheeks!

  3. That is a seriously cute baby!