Saturday, March 27, 2010

Looking in the mirror, if only briefly.

I used to sit and draw like this when I was a kid. When I see Will doing this now, I smile to myself. That was me. I loved notebooks and drawing journals, markers, pencils, and crayons.
I love how he gets lost when he's creating. I did that too.

I love how he imagines things and then translates those ideas onto paper. I did that too.

He's oblivious to what's going on around him when he's busy drawing.
Yup. That's my kid.
Both of my boys remind me so much of me when I was little.

Until they do something like this.
Who pees outside??

Blowing your nose without a Kleenex??
Are you kidding me?
'Accidentally' landing in mud?
Who the hell do these animals belong to anyway???


  1. You made me smile this morning. Thanks for the look back at my life. Well except for the drawing part, but the rest...there's nothing quite like little boys.

  2. A locker room and a kitchen. Those are the only 2 rooms you need in a house when you have boys!

  3. And a large empty room with padded walls.

  4. I agree! The only 2 places it's acceptable to pee or blow your nose without a tissue is a locker room and a kitchen! Good call, Laurie!

  5. Is the room with padded walls for the mother???