Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Papa update.

This is a quick Papa update for those of you who are following along for info on him. After a lengthy hospital stay, Papa is finally gearing up to return to Shenango Presbyterian Senior Care's skilled nursing unit today. The consensus between heart, kidney and primary doctors is that they have done all they can for him with respect to the CHF symptoms. He is weak and growing more and more confused at this point. Hospice will start to work with him once he returns home. Mom is hanging in there, but I think this journey has been a rough one. Keep them both in your prayers, will you? Here are a few shots from yesterday.

I took Will (who is on spring break this week) to visit Papa in the morning. They were happy to see each other.

Papa always coaches the kids on how to give a proper greeting. "Look me in the eye and give me a hardy handshake'. Even 3-year-old Sam knows to do this now.

Papa heads down the hall for therapy. When he was hooked up to IV's, they needed two more people to assist him with walking. They called it his entourage.

Mom and Will watch as Papa walks down the hall.

My sister Betsy and I visited again last night at bedtime. Although a little confused, he was happy to see us.

Betsy delivered a handwritten note from her youngest, 6-year-old Mary, written in pretty pink pen that wished Papa a quick recovery.
I will continue to keep you posted...


  1. thanks for taking the time to update us and thanks for sharing your pictures. I'll be praying for all of you.

  2. It is never easy watching our loved ones suffer the consequences of advanced age. Enjoy your time with him, make more memories and celebrate his wonderfully long life. It is obvious how much you love him. Papas are always special.

  3. Susan,
    Ugh, my heart breaks for Papa, knowing how difficult the journey has been for him to slowly lose his independence. I'm also thinking a lot about all of you as a family!
    He has such a gift to gab and I've never seen anyone as good at keeping in touch and responding with letters, as your Papa Sherman!
    I was touched by the pics of him coaching Will on how to give a firm handshake and good eye contact (vs. a limp fish handshake!) Brought tears to my eyes. Makes me think of my dad, since he constantly talked about that! I was surprised to see that hospice was called in. I will call you tomorrow to get more updates...prayerfully, Kor