Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lazy and stir-crazy Saturday.

While Dave and Sam took naps yesterday afternoon, Will and I decided to head over to Grandma Louann and Papa Tom's to get some fresh air and burn energy. Grandma Louann and her dogs, Boomer, Moosie and Panda are always so good about dropping what they're doing to monkey around with us. (Pictured above is Panda, the newest addition to the family.)

This is Moosie, trying desperately to look as cute as the new baby.
Big Boomer is always on the outside looking in.

Gentle giant, Boomer, is so good with the little dogs who try to mess with him.

Random picture of winter landscape - love the depth of field and the colors in this shot.
Will just signed up for baseball again.
Guess this is our version of spring training!

Grandma Louann decides to take a swing at it! Will didn't always make batting easy for her either. She earned a walk by getting hit in the face with a snowball. What a good sport!

A little grandma love for the ride home.

Moosie looks forward to some quiet time as we load up to leave.

Thanks G.Louann for the impromptu playdate!

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