Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy first day of spring!

It's official! Spring has arrived in Western PA and my face hurts from smiling! Here are a couple pictures taken today at my mom's house, where we went to enjoy the weather, the flowers, the swing, the birds, the trees, Enzo the cat, the company of my mom (to the grandkids she is known as 'Aiya', pronouced I-yah), the neighbor's brownies, the grass, the peace and quiet...there really wasn't much about today you couldn't enjoy.

Mom's pal, Enzo the Cat. He's just shy of 70 years old.
No wait, my math is off, he's closer to 12 or 13.
But he acts like a geri-cat.

I secretly wonder if my family is full of closet pyromaniacs. From oldest to youngest, we can't help ourselves. We love burning sticks and leaves, bark, weeds, whatever we can pick up and throw into Mom's little firepit. We probably need an intervention, but we're all too busy watching things burn.

My new favorite thing to do with my camera is to lay it on a surface and start shooting without looking. I love ground level shots, but don't always have my play clothes on, so this technique works great at those moments. Love the moss on the stones out front of the house.

Another ground shot.

Once again, I held my camera against the base of a gorgeous oak and started shooting. Look at all those delicious nooks and crannies!

The watch cat.
Happy spring, everyone!!

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