Monday, March 22, 2010

luncheologie with auntie.

I had lists of things to do yesterday. Laundry. Clean. Grocery shop. Conquer the mountain of school papers which is a day short of being as tall as my fridge. I needed to just spend a whole day buried here at home. Naturally, I ditched my domestic responsibilities when the phone rang with an invitation for lunch with my Aunt Laurie. We had much to catch up on, you see, which is far more important than silly laundry and even sillier piles of paper.

For those of you who don't know her, Aunt Laurie is the brain and beauty behind Pepperberry's (see blog to the right) the little shop of eclectic treasures in New Wilmingon, PA. To me, Laurie is the MacGyver of all things home-related. You give her a paperclip, a rubber band, and a roll of duct tape - she'll turn it into a living room full of exquisite decorations and a delicious dinner for 12. She's just that good. Her insides are loaded with creative magic. She is enthusiastic and bursting with one-of-a-kind ideas. And that energy is contagious. You can't help but want to go along for the ride because she just makes it all look so fun. Oh, and did I mention her wit? It's as sharp as her taste. Between me and you, I don't know how she stands to be with herself sometimes!

Aunt Laurie and Uncle G. headed east to a suburb of Philadelphia this past weekend to check out a place called Terrain, a greenhouse owned by Anthropologie. Aunt Laurie came home with a trunk full of treasures. Here are a few shots of her finds.

Lavender topiaries.
I couldn't take my eyes off these...or my nose out of them.
At one point I even considered eating one.

Flowering lavender.

A skirted flower bucket from the U.K.

A sweet little hyacinth.

Look at those delicious layers
and that soft color.

A sweet little fern.

Oh, and check out this arrangement. Auntie made this in a class she took while at Terrain. Can you stand it? I just love the hydrangeas and the poppies. I have no idea what the other things are...but I love them too.

I love anything on a vine.

And things that dangle? Heavenly.

One more shot of that. Yummy.

On the way out the door, I started taking pictures of things I love around Aunt Laurie's house.

I love this crazy twisted tree. It's like wild hair...
Speaking of which, Laurie did not want her picture taken.
Doesn't she have lovely hands though?

Aunt Laurie has a soft spot for old benches. This is one of my favorites.

And this one too.
I want to do a photo shoot in her yard sometime.
There's just so much to look at.

Love the blue chair.
Love the aunt more.


  1. I printed out that picture of Laurie and I talk to it whenever I'm trash talkin'

  2. Hahaha!! She'll be so flattered :)

  3. I live in CT, but am from New Castle and am good friends with the FL Susan Patton. I met your aunt (and your sister) when I was in her shop while in New Castle over Christmas. I also have family that lives near Philadelphia and Terrain is a must stop every time I visit them! I love to check in on your blog - found it as you may guess through connection to Life in Color!

  4. Hi Audrey! So good to hear from you! I love all the connections that are being made since Susan and I found each other. It's turning into a real game of six degrees (minus Kevin Bacon)! About Terrain, I'm dying to get there myself - looks so great. Hopefully our paths will cross at some point. Until then, enjoy the blog and stay well :)