Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!

For the last few years, Papa Sherman (my mom's now 91-year-old dad) has coordinated a birthday dinner for my mom the week before Christmas. We celebrated this past Wednesday night (although today is really her special day!). Here are some pictures from the night.

Mom and her Papa.

I like this picture of Papa (with his beverage of choice - a cold O'Douls.)

Christmas tree at the restaurant.

Mom with her five grandchildren.
It's a bit of a challenge to get a decent picture of everyone -
this was about as good as we could get that night.
From left to right, niece Mary, my Sam (up close to camera), nephew Morgan, Mom, niece Elizabeth (or E.B. as we call her) and my Will.

The kids rushed to assist "Aiya" with the gift opening.

I'm a sucker for hand shots.

Papa and my sister Betsy watch as Mom gets ready to blow out the candles.

There's something about all the hands around the cake in this last picture that I love - they tell such a story...Papa always drinking his decaf coffee with dessert, 3-year-old Sam with his elbow on the table, Mom holding her hands on her lap, the kids across the table, playing with gadgets, candles, and whatever else is available...this is such a snapshot of our gang.
Happy birthday, Mom! I love you :) S.P.

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  1. Your Papa is a very handsome man...even at the age of 91. Your Mom favors him. Christmas birthdays tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season (just ask my #1 son). Your Mom must appreciate that time is set aside to celebrate her day.