Saturday, December 26, 2009

Silly makes for good company.

When my mom stopped over to drop a few things off tonight, I don't think she had any intention of staying long enough to take her coat off. Before we knew it we were sitting at the kitchen table, laughing and playing with Bendaroos (those colorful waxy sticks you may have seen advertised on t.v). Will and Mom made some beautiful Bendaroo jewelry and I made a fabulous pair of reading glasses. Happy hour quickly turned into silly hour and once the camera came out, it was all down hill from there...

Trying to act like a scholar (pfft!!)

Mom joins in.

Trying not to laugh...

My husband Dave, who was only trying to watch the game, was forced to wear my fabulous new reading specs.
Even Dave can't resist the urge to smile in the Bendaroo glasses. Here's a good chapter...wonder if I can pick up some tips? Or not.

Hope you enjoy a little silly today.


  1. The next fashion must have! Too funny (Has anyone ever told you that you look a wee bit like your Mother...LOL)

  2. Hi S! I think the glasses make us look very much a like! How was your Christmas? Can't wait to hear what was in the box under your tree!!!

  3. so very funny! I need to make some time to work on "silly". I have "snobby" down pat if you need pictures of that!

  4. You look soo studious and intellectual...same goes for your mom and even Dave!!

    And I have 'LAZY' down pat if you need a little of that, Susan! ;)

    Between your "silly", Laurie's "snobby" and my "lazy", I think we've got things covered.

  5. There is not one of these pictures I don't like.