Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A week in pictures.

Okay peeps, we've got some catching up to do and a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time. As I sit and pound at the keyboard, I have two hungry children invading my creative space...they are like two sharks circling before a deep sea attack. "Mommmm, I'm starrrrrving" and "Can I have something....anything to eat?" is what I'm up against here. I'm going to cover this fast, so pay attention, before they tear my arm off and eat it for supper.

Mr. Sam graduated from his Early Learners Class. In a nutshell, the program involved two patient teachers, 12 adorable little kids, and an audience full of cameras. Nobody wanted to miss a single second of the 4-minute show. This picture cracks me up because it totally screams preschool graduation.

Speaking of huge events in Sam's life, we celebrated his 4th birthday. Oh, my aching heart. My baby is such a big kid all of a sudden. He's an underwear-donning, bicycle-riding, baseball-loving, joke-cracking fool these days! What a fantastic age.
Bug season has officially started. The Patton boys love nothing more than a good bug hunt in the summer. Today we found the mother of all spiders {cringe} while cleaning the garage. At this time, we are debating on what to do with it. Suggestions range from shaking the jar until the spider dies of blunt force trauma to the head (Sam's suggestion) to dumping it out on the driveway and poking it to death with a stick (Will's suggestion). I am pushing to keep it for use as a learning tool (when did I turn into such a dork?).

My cringing face was wiggling the camera too much to get a good shot, so this will have to do. Spiders just creep me out.
In addition to the start of bug season, it is now baseball season for Will. Dave is helping to coach, which is fun to watch. Go Huskies!

Moving on to equally exciting topics, the kids have determined that I'm a total sucker for buying anything that we can watch grow. Pictured above is a small aquarium full of sea monkeys. That's right. Sea. Monkeys. Google them. They're real. And I cannot believe we are watching them grow. My in-laws, who have age-appropriate eyesight, think we're watching a cup of water. Can't say I blame them.

We are still (yes, still) plugging along with the house building. I have removed all emotion from the process at this point and am in complete decision maker mode. I don't even recognize myself anymore. I see choices. I bark 'yup' or 'hell no' and move on. Snap, snap. Let's getter done.

My name sister (Florida's very own, extra special Susan Patton) sent me her copy of the Photoshop Elements book last week. Pictured above is Will pretending to be me. It's a great read, what can I say? (Susan, thanks again - I'm loving it!!!) This brings me to the last item on my show-n-tell list.

My camera and I met the most amazing family on Sunday. Lucky me got to spend a little time capturing some images of this fantastic foursome. They were so cute, I almost wish I could shrink them to doll size so I could take them home with me. Trust me. If remotely possible, I'd do it. They were just that cute.

Sweet Baby C. Ten-days-old and nothing but good.

Look at these little lips. Killing me!!!

I challenge you to think of one thing cuter than a sleeping baby. Time's up. Impossible.

You know I'm a sucker for hand shots.

And let's not forget big brother G.

Okay, seriously? Those toddler teeth, those little curls...I'm in love.

Here are the big boys, horsing around. Love this shot!!

(Thank you J&J for inviting me into your home.
You have an incredible family :)
Considering I'm now typing with my nose and one ear (the kids really did rip off my arms) I think I did okay. Hope you all had a great week!

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  1. I'd say you have had a busy week. And those Patton boys...very much the adorable all male variety. I miss bug hunts, little league, baseball cards littering the floor, and melting popcycles. (Nice job on the photo shoot too.)