Friday, November 13, 2009

Great day to be alive.

Today was a spectacular day in Western PA, a true gift from the weather gods. We are not used to this kind of sunny, warm day in November, so you can imagine it was a great day to be out and about. Sam and I spent some quality time with a few hundred poinsettias at our favorite local greenhouse (Weingartner's, of course!). And as we do most evenings, we all headed up to the new house to check on the day's progress. Tonight's sunset was an absolute show stopper. What a nice, nice way to end the day.

What screams Christmas louder than poinsettias and gigantic tree ornaments?

A cool yard ornament for viney things to grown on.

Poinsettias, poinsettias, everywhere!!

I adore this old spigot.

Another enormous Christmas tree bulb!

This is a shot looking down a stack of water pipes at the house. The sun was just setting so it cast a cool light inside the pipes. I think this picture would look so great blown up and mounted somewhere in the new house....once we have walls to hang it on, that is.

Can you believe this sunset? Even the geese were thrown off by it!

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