Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sam recently asked me,

"Mom, someday when you're a little boy,
will you love monster trucks?"

I said, "Definitely."

And I will love lining all 178 of my Matchbox cars across the floor...

...just because.

And I will love eating Crush Cups...

...because what's better than slurping your yogurt?

And I will use a spoon...

...only as a last resort.

And I won't waste a napkin...

...because I can lick my lips clean just like the dogs do.

I can't wait to be a little boy someday!


  1. what a great post! You are brilliant.

  2. Cute post Susan. You can imagine my surprise when I read your comment on my blog this morning. We have even more in common than our names and love of photography. I grew up in New Castle (actually Neshannock Township) and I also have two sons. When I get some time I plan on reading your old blog posts and enjoying your photography. At some point emails may be in order!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We always spend Thanksgiving in Pa and this year I am most definitely missing it.

  3. One more comment Susan..I noticed that you follow "My Exciting Life." Have you been a follower for long or did you by chance get the link from my blog? If you have been a reader for awhile this whole thing gets even more bizarre...that is my daughter-in law's blog and those beautiful children are my grandchildren!

  4. Susan - I almost fell off my chair when I read your posts!!! You have got to be kidding me - you lived in Neshannock!!?? My maiden name is Weingartner (you might remember the family florist if you lived in Neshannock!!). My email address is - we'll have to catch up more!
    I found your daughter-in-law's blog after reading a bit of yours - the picture of your grandchildren caught my eye and I wondered if that was your son's family. Her photography is beautiful as well - how gifted you all are :) So glad you wrote! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!