Saturday, November 7, 2009


So I set my kids up today. I told them we were going on a mouse hunt in the field by the new house. They went crazy, totally believing me until Will saw me grab my camera and he said, "Mom, I know you just want to take pictures." I just smiled and sent them out into the tall weeds. Here are some shots from the hunt.

Will was the first out into the field with a stick and an old basket (city kids...who catches a mouse with that!)

Will quickly changed his mouse catching strategy after deciding that a stick was not going to do the job. He figured he could instead lure the rodent into his basket if he made it a comfy bed of weeds, leaves and grass.

Will was very pleased with the looks of his mouse trap.

Sam optimistically headed out with an old bucket (no stick) to find a little critter for himself...

...but then collapsed into a pile of weeds and tears within minutes
(did I mention he missed his afternoon nap two days in a row?)

Will quickly seized the opportunity to torture his little brother by yelling every few minutes, "Sam, come quick! Here's a mouse!" As expected, Sam ran (stumbled) through the weeds to see Will's catch, but (surprise) the mouse was gone by the time Sam made it.
Big brothers are such jerks.

Desperate times...the only way I could get Sam to laugh again was to pretend that his runny nose was totally grossing me out. Of course, this lead to an all-out nature blow fest (why do boys think this is so funny.)

Success! Sam can't stop laughing.

Will, seeing that his powers of torture have faded, headed back to the truck.

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  1. Back wheres I comes froms we'z call that a good 'ol fashioned Snipe Hunt!
    Usually involving a burlap sack (and/or pillow case) and a bat!