Monday, November 2, 2009

Laying low.

Well, just when I think we are over the hump, back from the dead, feeling up to par...we are forced to slow down again. Apparently we have been wonderful hosts to whatever virus has been circulating through our house, because the darned thing just won't leave us. I woke up with no voice this morning, which is so weird for me. Our morning routine often involves a lot of yelling on my part. 'Brush your teeth!' 'Grab your lunch!' 'Where's your bookbag?' 'Please stop hitting your brother!' 'There are only so many places your shoes could be' and 'You're going to miss the bus!' are common loud statements I make by 8am. Today was different. We all whispered. And you know what? It was so nice. I had no idea how calm my morning could be when I couldn't yell. Anyway, we will spend the remainder of the day talking quietly and laying low. It's really not a bad way to start the week.

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