Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grumpy old man.

Tonight was trick-or-treat time in our neighborhood and as expected, many little ghouls and goblins scurried down our sidewalk in search of sweets. My 6-year-old decided that he did not want to wear his Anakin Skywalker costume (that I hated buying in the first place)...instead he wanted to throw together a 'grumpy old man' costume so he could holler things like 'back in my day' and 'you whippersnapper'. Sigh. After a week of fighting fevers, coughs and runny noses, this was not a battle I had energy up to the attic we went in search of old man clothes and accessories. Among the many boxes of things left behind by my husband's grandparents, we found a handful of old caps that belonged to Granddad. When Will put one on, I just smiled. He looked like all those old, dusty photographs I've seen of our grandpas and great-grandpas when they were young. I got a few shots of my own and here they are.

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