Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chicken soup season begins

Chicken soup season officially rolled in today at an insanely early hour. Will woke up in tears, with a temperature of 101.9, a pounding headache, and a cough that sounded like the horn on an old gangster car. Chicken soup was made and circulating through his system by 9:20am (his stomach can't tell time yet). With all the hype surrounding H1N1, vaccine shortages, etc, it makes me want to kidnap my loved ones and hunker down somewhere a germ-free bubble somewhere in the tropics. Until then, we'll do the best we can here. Hope you do the same. Stay well, everyone.


  1. Poor Will. Did you have all the stuff for the chicken soup in your pantry? I love a well stocked pantry!

  2. I did not. But I had a husband who wanted to go golfing enough to go to Giant Eagle before the sun came up! Just as good!!