Friday, October 23, 2009


Let me recount the last few moments for you:

1. Father-in-law (a.k.a. Grand Dad) calls to say he will be picking Sam up to take him to lunch.
2. Grand Dad arrives and Sam announces to Grand Dad that he pooped in the potty.
3. Grand Dad calls Grandma to share the exciting news.
4. Sam talks to Grandma on phone.
5. Grandma invites Sam to play at her house for remainder of day.
6. Sam invites himself to stay for remainder of night.
7. Grandma enthusiastically agrees to host Sam's first sleepover.
8. I hide my elation.
9. Grand Dad is openly stunned.
10. I quickly pack all necessary items.
11. Sam and Grand Dad leave.
12. Happy dance follows (see above photo)


  1. If you could hear me right now, I would be saying, like an 8 year old "Aw MAN, luck-yyyyyy!!!!!"

  2. I am so happy for who can you give Will to? Hurry, let's think...uummmm the other grandparents?! Not the great aunt, it's my bowling night!