Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy 12th bday, MTB!!

My nephew is now 12. Twelve. How can this be? If I close my eyes, I can see him as a newborn, hours old in the hospital. I remember sitting and holding him for the longest time as my sister slept. He was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen and I couldn't take my eyes off him. And here he is now. Almost a teenager. Sigh.

This is not my nephew. This is his dog who greeted us as we arrived for the bday party.

She prayed that we would let her in the house where all the fun was.
(Her prayers were answered.)
I sat as close as I could to the desserts during dinner.
I didn't want them to be lonely. I'm thoughtful like that.

Six-year-old M is losing teeth left and right.
Here's a better view of all the activity.
And another shot of the cake. Have I mentioned how much I like chocolate.
Big sister EB is a personality powerhouse. Her face lights up when she tells a story and she's always smiling. She's up for anything, easy-going and fun-loving. Love this kid.
Here is Uncle G. with the birthday boy. G's the kind of uncle that all the kids flock to because he's a big kid himself. Love Uncle G.
Here is M, maybe daydreaming about the gifts in his near future.
Cake was enjoyed.

Maybe a little too much.

Lego-related gifts were opened.
And then it was time for more fun with Uncle G.
My son repeatedly begged Uncle G. for a 'wedgie boost'.
Not sure why anyone would ask to be picked up by their underwear.
But what do I know.
And Sam let Uncle G. pick him up by the ears.
G should work kids' bday parties - he's way cooler than a clown.
Sister B has an extensive collection of 'B' and bee items in her house.
Here are two that caught my eye tonight.

B is for birthday! Hope you had a good one, M!! We love you :)

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