Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back on the job (sort of).

3am Friday: Stomach flu took this blogger out.

Friday 7am: Calvary arrived in the form of heavenly in-laws who without question, showed up in minutes and acted as pinch-hit parents for hours. Jim handled Will - getting him to and from school while Linda spent the entire day entertaining Sam and checking on me.

Saturday: Husband, who had a very long, exhausting work week, held down the fort without a single complaint. Fed, dressed (sort of) the kids, took them grocery shopping and let them pick out foods (we have an assortment of exotic fruits and bubble gum to prove it), then took them to the house site to put them to work. (Husband would like me to add that he also did the dishes. Thank you, husband for going the extra mile :). For dinner, husband let kids order whatever they wanted from Pagley's takeout. Three-year-old ordered adult size pasta. Six-year-old ordered filet mignon. I now wonder if the kids will wish their Mama is sick more often.

Sunday: This blogger has been upright for three hours straight, had cup of tea and piece of toast. Things are looking up.

Now, let's hope the others stay well (fingers crossed).

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    (the getting better part, not the sick part)