Friday, January 22, 2010

Lunch with Papa

Sam and I joined Papa Sherman for lunch today, something I wish we'd do more often. Papa is my mom's 91-year-old dad who lives in a small independent living community near Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA (about 20 minutes from me). We always have a lot to talk about when we're together. Papa likes to chat and I like to ask questions. Today's hot topics ranged from fruit cake to photography, and much in between. Sweet Sam was a trooper and tried so hard to behave during the two hours we were there. He was fascinated by all the things he saw...the row of medications lined up on the bathroom sink, Papa's electric razor and fancy toilet with the bars to hold onto, the miles of oxygen tubing that ran through the house. I had to smile at all the questions he had.

Here are a few pictures from our time together.

Papa's 'coffee ring' as my sister and I always called it. He's worn this for years and likes to tell the story behind it (a cousin made it for him out of petrified wood many, many years ago).

Papa's other fashion staples: a wooden cross necklace, oxygen tubing, and his favorite corduroy shirt.

Papa's home health nurse Deanna stopped in to check on him while we were there.

At one point during lunch, Papa mumbled "It's hell to get old". There's something about this picture...his expression as he looks out the window...that makes me see that.
There is so much that I like about this last picture. I'm an absolute sucker for hand shots, I love black/white photography, good contrast, and bokeh. We've got a little of all that here.
And to my Papa: You are truly one in a million. Thanks for a wonderful lunch date.
P.S. The fruit cake wasn't bad.


  1. Boy oh Boy, do these photos of my favorite papa Sherman ever bring a smile to my face!

    What a bright spot in my day!?

    Even though I'm sure it's tough getting older, he does it with such poise and grace.

  2. What a wonderful post Susan. Your companion photos are compelling and ones I know will be appreciated by family long after he is gone. This one definitely speaks from the heart.