Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sick day.

Will is home from school because of a bug du jour. He developed a fever on Sunday night, complained of various aches (head, lower back) and just seemed a bit off. Yesterday he had a steady diet of tylenol, took a very long nap in the afternoon, and went to bed at his normal 8pm. This morning he was temperature free and had plenty of energy for a pre-breakfast brawl with the little brother. Amazing how that happens! Despite appearances, I decided to follow the 24-hours-without-a-fever rule and keep him home one more day. Tomorrow he can return to the workforce. The following are some pictures the kids wanted me to take of them playing with their toys.

Will's Star Wars lego guys (he would like me to tell you that they are clone troopers). I'm loving this camera's ability to focus on one thing (see the couple guys in the center) and leave the rest of the image a little blurry...

And here we have Sam (desperately in need of the haircut which had to be cancelled because of the sick day) with his domino creation.

(Again, loving the clarity in the center with a bit of blur on top and bottom...)
Hope you are all staying well!

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