Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hospital time for Papa.

A few days ago, Papa's congestive heart failure landed him in the hospital for a tune up. I had the pleasure of being with him for a few hours today while my mom and sister are out of town on a church retreat. I arrived at the hospital just in time for lunch.

Papa didn't care much for his meal, but wanted the staff to think he liked it so he stuffed a bunch of pasta into his dinner roll and pushed the beans around. He seemed proud when he heard the aid say, 'You did pretty well today, Mr. Sherman." Old sneak.

Papa told me today, "When I was young, I once saw a picture of myself with a sullen look on my face. I vowed I'd never look like that for a camera again. That's why I always smile." He also tells everyone prior to getting their picture taken, "Ok, now act like you're real happy."

Papa's 'coffee ring' and his poor bruised hands.

Papa made me laugh today. In the middle of our conversation, he decided to call his friend Doug who lives in Michigan. I said, "Papa, use my cell phone, you can't call from the hospital room." He said, "Sure, I can. I just push the buttons." Sure enough, he got through to Michigan.

After lunch, physical therapy brought the 'Cadillac of walkers' to work with Papa. The walker has brakes and a seat which Papa took full advantage of.

The physical therapist told Papa, "No speeding".
Papa said, "I'll try not to show off like I did the other day."

This picture chokes me up a bit because it makes me realize just how frail Papa has gotten.

Church friends stopped by for a quick visit before heading off to see the movie Blind Side. Joe, on the right, just turned 90 last week(!!)
Papa, I know you probably won't see this blog post, but I hope you know how grateful I am for our time together today. I love you very much.

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