Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday fun with cousins

My nieces E.B. and Mare Bear were off school today and we (Sam and I) had the pleasure of spending the day with them. What a treat!!! And speaking of treats, it didn't take us long before we ended up enjoying some. After hitting the library in search of a hilarious kids' book called Pete's a Pizza, we ran next door to Dunkin' Donuts for some delicious hot chocolate and fresh munchkins. For the record, I will be picking these three children as members of my doughnut eating team if I ever need one. They inhaled fresh munchkins like only varsity players can. And to my sister - please know that we read books while we waited for our hot chocolate to cool a bit. It wasn't all fun and games!

I'm thinking we should totally start our own kids' book club. We can gather, eat good food (and by good I mean high in fat and sugar) and discuss fine children's literature...or maybe just compare hot chocolate mustaches and laugh a lot.
Thanks for spending the day with us, E.B. and Mary. We loved every minute of it!!!