Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday goodness.

The weather finally cleared yesterday so I could meet my lovely friend, Jill, and her sweetheart of a daughter, Miss Ellie, to get some pictures. Jill and I have been talking about getting together ever since I ambushed her with my camera on the streets of New Wilmington one chilly day in late winter. Poor thing never saw me coming and didn't have a chance to run for cover.

When Jill and Ellie got out of their car, both were wearing dresses and boots. Boots. People, listen. In my book, boots are heavenly footwear. I adore any kind of boot, especially kicking cowgirl boots. And that's exactly what Miss Ellie was wearing. As if this wasn't enough, they came prepared with a bag of props. When Ellie pulled out this antique frame and grinned at me, I about fell to the ground in a puddle of happy tears.

Oh my, I love the picture above. Look at how Ellie is holding onto her momma's back. Such a sweet moment. The morning was loaded with them, actually. What a special time. And what a special mom and daughter.

Thank you, Jill and Ellie for a wonderful morning. And thank you SP, BP, LW, KC, & EO for your words of encouragement yesterday. You are all good, good people :)


  1. Looks like a good day with great results. Keep on keepin on girl, you're headed in the right direction!

  2. We has such a great time. Thank you thank you for capturing those special moments.