Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Looking for new owner.

Good home for 3-year-old male.
House-trained {sometimes}.

My three-year-old Sam had words with a teacher at his school yesterday. Not just any teacher. And not just any words. According to my cousin, who picked our kids up after school, Sam was doing something he shouldn't (shocker, I know). I guess he was trying to touch something fragile. Mrs. B, the school director and also Sam's teacher next year, told Sam not to touch the object because it could break. Sam, with a devilish smirk, ignored the order and leaned toward the object anyway. Mrs. B said, "Sam, I have a feeling we're going to butt heads next year". Sam responded, "Oh no we won't because I'm going to kick you in the balls."

When my cousin relayed this story, she was laughing so hard, I almost couldn't understand her. She said it was that much funnier because it wasn't her kid. Lucky her! After I scraped my jaw off the floor, Sam and I had a 'come-to-jesus-talk'. I'm not sure how much of it sank in but it sure as heck felt good to hear myself say it. He was told to sit and reflect on his words...which looked a lot like a kid studying dust floating in the air...but that's beside the point. His punishment continued. Sam then spent hard time (about 45 seconds) creating a card to express his deep remorse. He was not allowed any screen time all day and I threatened to take his beloved blankie away if he ever talked that way to another human on the planet. If it happens again, I may just have to kick him in the...well...let's just see how this goes.


  1. Oh my goodness, Doug & I have laughted so hard over this. I'm wiping the tears as I type. Too funny Susan and the pictures were perfect. Keep us posted if there's any "kicking" to follow!!!

  2. So far so good - no kicking has occurred! I talked to Mrs. B and she was laughing about it the next day. God Bless her good sense of humor!!!

  3. Soooo funny! I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones getting the "come to Jesus" talks lately.

    Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!

  4. I would have had a hard time not laughing if I were Mrs. B. Great story!