Monday, May 3, 2010

Herb appeal.

I have a growing collection of herbs on my kitchen counter and a full-blown herb addiction to go with it. For some reason, everytime I'm in the greenhouse I feel the urge to bring another one home. Right now, I have lavender (pictured above), two basil plants, and something called lemon balm (smells just like lemon scented Mr. Clean, another of my secret loves). We also have four broccoli plants and four cucumber plants that are needing attention. Yes, I realize these are not in the herb family, but the boys picked these out. And when my kids ask for veggies, trust me, I'm all over it. Getting back to the herbs, I have no big plans for the lavendar or lemon balm. At the moment, I just like to scratch and sniff them. While I research what to do with these little gems, does anyone know how to pronounce the word 'herb'? Is the 'h' silent like I've always thought or is it pronounced Herb, with a strong 'h' sound, the way Martha Stewart says it? I hate to argue with the queen of all things domestic, but seriously? Herb. It makes me think of my high school physics teacher.


  1. You know my favorite herb? Tarlek.

  2. Mr Gunther, I have not thought about him in about 20 years, I wonder how he is?

  3. I have no idea! Wonder if we can find him on facebook? (I'm talking Herb G, not Herb Tarlek, btw!)